Cardboard VR Porn

Top 10 VR Sex Studios for the Google Cardboard:

1. Virtual Real Porn is another favorite, and another of the few sites that have managed to supply selective downloading as well. However unlike some of the other sites, their downloads are significantly smaller in size – sometimes less than a gigabyte.And while there are some certain consequences to this, mainly in terms of rendering (which is still a staggering 1080p) they still have a diverse array of content and long videos in excess of 20 minutes or more.
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340_52. WankzVR is a new porn studio which already has quite some good porn movies online. Like many other competitors their videos come with 180 degrees and binaural sound which will make it a very special experience.

If you have never watched a VR porn movie, this will blow your mind. What makes them different from other studios is the possibilty to stream their movies, usually you have to download them.
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3. Czech VR is another VR porn studio that is part of the Mental Pass Network, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth no matter what – arguably they have a better selection than Naughty America in terms of diversity.

However their Google Cardboard specific downloads are nice so you know you’re getting the best set for your device. With usually more than a gigabyte and over 10 minutes, each set is 1920 x 960 and rendered in beautiful 60 fps. If you want exotic, then Czech VR is the place for you.
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4. Badoink VR has long been a favorite of ours, and they hold no punches with their downloads. They are one of the few studios that does their best not only to produce high quality videos, and their production value is quite evident even with a quick glance at their gallery, but they are also one of the pioneers when it comes to selective-downloading.

The videos on Badoink VR vary in length, but are generally in the 2 to 3 gigabyte range for Smartphones and extremely long relatively speaking for VR (up to 26 minutes). The resolution is usually around 1920 x 960 and they have a standard fps rate of 60.
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5. VR Bangers is relatively new to the block, but we predict they’ll become one of the top in no time, in no small part due to their very high production quality videos, exceptionally diverse array of experiences and models, and the fact they have a lot of free content.

Their Smartphone selective downloads are excellent, and again come in at around 20 minutes each. As a rising star, they’ve also been much more active in their updates and social media than other sites, which is telling of a studio that prides itself on trying to provide a quality service – keep your eyes on this one.
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6. Hologirls VR is also a bit new, but unlike VR Bangers they’ve had a slower start up – this might have to do with their somewhat lower quality videos (aspect ratios of 220 degrees and only 30 fps, half that of other studios).

Still, for their price, the quality isn’t too bad, especially for Google Cardboard – with only a single download designed to work on *all* headsets, you are getting a pretty premium video for your Smartphone device.

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vrtrans7. VirtualRealTrans is the first porn studio exclusive for trannie lovers. All models on their website will excel your expectations. The usabilty on the page is pretty cool and you will find all the stuff you need in a few seconds. The movies of VirtualRealTrans are also ready to use for PlaystationVRPorn.

VirtualRealTrans offers different payment options, you can either pay monthly via bitcoin (€15.95), for three month (€29.95) or one year (€89.95). There are also special prices and promotions available.
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8. Virtual Real Gay, probably one of the most comprehensive gay VR sites, is part of the Virtual Real network which has earned itself a lot of praise. You can also download trailers for your Smartphone here, and though they don’t have headset-specific downloads, you are getting some high def quality videos here that are long enough to give you that perfect build.

With 180 stereoscopic vision, their downloads come in at several gigabytes as well, and most experiences last in excess of 10 minutes. That said, they do have a pretty diverse array of gay experiences to choose from (anything from solo voyeuristic sets to hard core three ways).
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3.setphototh39. TeenMegaWorld is a big player in the porn industry and they now offer also VR porn movies. They do a great job providing VR porn, great models, fair prices and you also get access to non VR porn movies on the site. If you are into teens, this is the VR site you have to visit. For a montly subscription you have to pay $29.95. There is also a quarterly ($59.94) and a yearly ($89.95) option.
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Google Cardboard and the VR Porn Revolution

The Google Cardboard is one of the cheapest headsets, made (as one would guess) from cardboard and very easy to assemble. Simply fold it according to the layout plan and you’ve got yourself a headset that can work with most Android and related Smartphone brands.

The process for organizing your Google Cardboard will require a viewer, however, and we generally recommend the Official Cardboard App which lets your headset work with any of the Apps already available at the store. In order to actually find other content though, there are a number of options, and one of the better playback options is, in fact, Youtube. Youtube has been offering more and more in the way of 360 degree stereoscopic experiences. Simply click and play.

How To Watch VR Porn With Google Cardboard?


In order to use a Google Cardboard headset, it also comes off as the easiest to set up. First and foremost you’ll need a Google Cardboard app on your phone – the headset comes with presets, but it’s a good idea to scan the QR code to ensure the optimum settings with whatever porn program you’re using, and quite often many VR Sex Movies sites have a walk-through that can help guide people through it. This includes a free VR player app.

How to get the VR Sex Videos to your Smartphone?

the_dominatrix_home_thumb_2After downloading whatever VR compatible video you’re interested in, simply open it using the VR player app and insert your phone into the Google Cardboard headset. If you’re using an iPhone with any version of the iOS this can be accomplished via a USB cable and iTunes, or if you’re trying to run it on an Android should be manually downloaded from your PC into a file folder with the registry “\Movies\Free VR” – a very important note, many of the porn sites that offer downloads of their HD quality videos require that users don’t change the name of the file, as this can sometimes interfere with the process. There are also LiveCamVR sites for you to choose from.

Very few problems crop up with Google Cardboard because of its relative simplicity – ultimately the quality of the experience depends more upon your phone and the video you’ve downloaded. More info can be found on:

Each headset is carefully constructed to provide a singular view of each screen, and with ergonomically shaped ridges to fit any face you don’t have to worry about light bleeding in. In terms of balancing quality with price, Google Cardboard is definitely the low-end of the VR spectrum, but if you’re only using VR off and on it’s an excellent choice for a newcomer to the technology to get used to it before upgrading to something more expensive or immersive.